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If you are a big corporate discover how Generative AI can boost your productivity

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We help customer service centers to automate the extraction of information (insights) from all interactions with customers in their different channels (calls, chat, email, and social networks). Lexic Analytics allows you to classify all that information and discover value using the power of LLMs.


Analyze the sales ability, problem-solving ability, product knowledge, and customer satisfaction of your customer service centers. We have designed more than 200 GPT prompts related to Customer Service analytics.

Voice Analytics - Call Analytics- Whisper


Our Lexic Cognitive platform has powerful information extraction models to automate the processing of large amounts of documents.


We combine several OCRs, with Machine Learning and GPT to treat a wide variety of documents: IDs, Passports, Invoices, Certificates, Notarial Deeds, Contracts, Handwritten texts, and much more.


Detección de fraude en documentos. Image Forgery. Fraud Detection


Digitalize the onboarding processes to register clients, loan applications, etc. With Lexic Cognitive and the power of GPT you will be able to process documents and create workflows to verify their information.

You will be able to extract information from invoices, bank documents, payroll, etc. and create verification flows against a system (ERP) or be verified by a person (Human-in-the-loop)


Lexic Cognitive allows you to digitize and extract all the information from sales, technical support, financial documents, external sources (Linkedin, twitter, ...), etc. to create "lakes of knowledge" accessible through conversational "prompts" using the power of LLMs.

You will be able to generate conversations about your company's financial data, ESG or Sustainability information, create chatbots about technical support documentation to automate the IT support service, etc.

Happy Customers

Clientes LEXIC
Clientes Lexic
Clientes Lexic
Clientes Lexic
“Lexic has allowed us to automate a large part of the back-office processes related to supplier management. With Lexic we have learned that Artificial Intelligence adds value immediately if it is treated with pragmatism and knowledge of the use case."

Jaime Escolar, GoSupply CEO

LEXIC API Friendly

We take care of your data

Lexic.AI offers robust On-Premises Support and Private Cloud Solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. With our On-Premises Installation, you maintain Total Data Control, keeping sensitive information within your infrastructure and ensuring compliance with security and privacy regulations.


Our Flexible Deployment options are compatible with various local infrastructures, allowing for personalized customization based on your specific requirements. Additionally, our solutions provide Local Scalability, enabling horizontal scaling within your infrastructure to handle increased workloads efficiently.

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