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AI for your documents

Optimize Your Document Workflow with Generative AI. Transform Your Documents into Personalized Virtual Assistants without Sharing Them with Third Parties.

Why Lexic.AI?

Lexic.AI is a Platform (PaaS) that lets you leverage AI to extract insights from your documents and unstructured data and create virtual assistants from them—all without sharing your data with third parties.

Choose your LLM

Select the LLM that best fits your needs. Use public API AIs like ChatGPT, Gemini, or other on-premise LLM models tailored to your specific use case. We help you choose.

Plataform as a Service

Platform as a Service; Fully managed and adaptable platform tailored to our clients' use cases, with high availability and proactive maintenance.

Vectorization DDBB

Efficient Vectorization. Transform texts into vectors for quick and accurate analysis, enhancing information search and retrieval. Process all types of documents to work with them using AI assistants


API Platform for both document and data ingestion and for utilizing Generative AI in your own systems

On-Prem Deployment

On-Prem: Total Data Control: Keep your sensitive data within your infrastructure, complying with security and privacy regulations. Flexible Deployment: Compatible with various on-premise infrastructures, offering customization options according to specific client needs

Laura Morillo,


“I use Lexic.AI to prepare team meetings.  AI helps me analyze income statements, reporting documents and environmental legislation in minutes. It helps me also a lot in the recruiting processes by analyzing the CVs we receive daily."

Henry Yeh, Seed Investor

"Keeping track of all my investments in start-ups is complex and tedious. With Lexic.AI I can summarize and analyze the reporting documents of my investees in seconds. It helps me a lot in the accounting and financial part where I am not an expert."

Pedro Aizpún, Self-Employed Businessman

“Lexic.AI is my accounting advisor, my lawyer reviewing contracts, my family doctor analyzing my blood tests, my business advisor improving documents and my SEO specialist to make my website more visisble. I know there are 1000 experts but for now I use 6”


Get in touch to learn more and book a demo with us. Your sensitive data is safe with lexic.AI

Data Extraction

Analyze Documents and Configure AI to Automate Information Extraction and Data Validation Processes from Unstructured Documents


Generate Knowledge Bases from One or Multiple Documents and Interact with Them in Chat Mode to Resolve Queries and Generate New Content

Create Virtual Assistants

Build a chatbot from documents and integrate it into your existing tools: Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, Sharepoint, Web, and more


Who can use Lexic.AI

Lexic.AI is a universal platform. Anyone can use it and it works in a multitude of languages. Dare to try it. Start your journey with a free account and discover how Lexic.AI can help you in your daily life

Some use cases from our clients

Legal Questions?

Legal Expert

Questions about Health? and research?

Health Expert

Marketing Tasks?

Marketing Expert

Financial analysis

Finance Expert

Entrepreneurs and Investors

Expert Founder Start-up Investor

Use Lexic.AI to analyze contracts, legal documents and case law. Rewrite clauses and paragraphs effortlessly.

Accede y comprende información clave en investigaciones médicas y documentos clínicos y genera talleres, evaluaciones, presentaciones, resúmenes,…

You can leverage Lexic.AI to analyze market trends, research documents, and competitive strategies. 

Understand and obtain vital information from financial reports and regulatory documents.

Those who experience the world of entrepreneurship firsthand will be able to analyze and work with documents on start-ups and investments

Enthusiasts of the crypto world

Crypto Expert

Those who experience the world of entrepreneurship firsthand will be able to analyze and work with documents on start-ups and investments


Educational Expert

Educators can use Lexic.AI as an assistant in creating mind-maps, summaries, multiple choice exams, etc.

Human Resources

Human Resources Expert

Human resources professionals can streamline the interpretation of human resources policies, hiring, legal documents, and employment regulations.

Job Seekers

Expert Job Seekers

Job seekers can research specific companies, industries, and job requirements to prepare for interviews and optimize their CVs or  the Linkedin profile.

Customer Support

Customer Management Experts

Agents and customer service professionals use Lexic.AI to analyze conversations, complaints, customer data and reviews, NPS documents, and more

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