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Choose your best plan

  • Starter Plan

    Ideal to discover and try the service
    Free Plan
    • Up to 1Gb of working space for your documents
    • 40 free monthly credits to use AI
    • Access to expert prompts
    • Online Support: wiki
    • Buy more credits without a permament subscription
  • Pro Plan

    Every year
    Ideal for recurrent use and SMEs companies
    • Up to 2Gb of working space for your docs
    • 125 credits for your IA analysis
    • Email, Chat and wiki support
    • Expert Prompts Templates
    • Unlimited creation of Knowledge Bases
    • Get discounts if you are an Educational Institution (.edu)
    • Create AI Assistants
    • Free Consultancy to setup your Knowledge Base and AI Bots
  • Advanced Plan

    Every year
    Ideal for Corporations seeking personalization and adaptation
    • Premium Support
    • Platform adaptation and workflow integration
    • Best-in-class scalability
    • Dedicated infrastructure or deployment in our customer infra
    • Security and Encryptation
    • API
    • Free consultancy to setup account and optimize AI
    • Our CEO's mobile phone
    • Unlimited AI Assistants
    • Unlimited Knowledge Bases
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