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6 Industrial AI Services based on Chat-to-Doc in the industrial sector and Chat-to-Data Applications

In the fast-paced industrial world, where the volume of documents and databases is overwhelming, Lexic.AI emerges as a revolutionary tool, enhancing efficiency and safety in projects. In this article, we will explore use cases of Lexic.AI that are reshaping how companies manage crucial information in the industrial sector.

Virtual Assistants for Secure Access to Industrial Sites

Lexic.AI has developed virtual assistants accessible through platforms such as Teams and Whatsapp, providing workers, subcontractors, and maintenance teams with detailed information on safety measures, protocols, and recommendations before accessing critical locations such as refineries, power plants, and construction sites. This not only improves safety but also streamlines entry and exit processes.

Work Safety Assistant
Work Safety Assistant

Real-time Support for Machinery Operators: Chat-to-Doc in the Industrial Sector

Seamless interaction with complex machinery becomes more accessible with Lexic.AI's virtual assistants. These assistants address operators' queries in real-time, providing information based on an extensive database of over 2000 pages. This responsiveness contributes to a more efficient and secure operation.

Simplified Diagnosis and Maintenance Protocols: Chat-to-Doc Engineering

Chat-to-doc Engineering
Chat-to-doc Engineering

Lexic.AI's virtual assistants not only resolve queries but also guide operators through specific diagnosis protocols for various types of maintenance. This functionality ensures that procedures are carried out precisely and in compliance with established standards. Another Chat-to-doc in the industrial sector

Automatic Generation of Performance and Maintenance Reports: Chat-to-Data Engineering Reports

Lexic.AI not only facilitates access to information but also automates the generation of daily reports on performance and maintenance. This feature provides teams with a real-time overview of the health and efficiency of their operations—a valuable functionality within the Chat-to-Data framework for the industrial sector.

Chat-to-data engineering reports
Chat-to-data engineering reports

Streamlining Document Processes for Compliance Standards: AI Assistants for Compliance Reports

An AI-based chat assistant streamlines the document process to comply with regulations and standards. This ensures that all necessary documentation is generated automatically, relieving employees of a significant administrative burden and ensuring regulatory compliance.

AI Assistants to fill in compliance reports
AI Assistants to fill in compliance reports

Enhanced Training and Onboarding:

Lexic.AI becomes a valuable ally during the training and onboarding process by providing quick and accurate information to new employees. This accelerates integration and ensures that all team members are aware of relevant procedures and regulations.

In an industrial environment where time and precision are essential, Lexic.AI emerges as an indispensable tool, optimizing information management, and enhancing safety in critical projects. Its ability to integrate with various platforms and simplify complex tasks positions Lexic.AI as a strategic partner for innovation in the industrial sector.

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